Drexel's website!

Hey pal, welcome to the site. Please, make yourself comfortable if you're not already, because this is quite a wild ride. You might want to preemptively sit on the edge of your seat, or prepare yourself for sudden excitement, for the joyride that is DrexelReihl.com will take you away.

Let me tell you what I'm about

This is a place for me to showcase my projects. Brief descriptions of them are below.

Wordle Application

I developed this based on the New York Times' hit app 'Wordle'. I developed this from scratch, and it's my proudest accomplishment yet (until my chess application is fully functional)

Memory Game

This was developed early on in my programming learning, my instructor provided me with a function to randomize the colors and I built the rest of the application from there. It's very barebones, hard to look at, but it's fully functional.

ConnectFour App

I built this from scratch after being provided a HTML grid layout. This was even before the memory game, a project to learn HTML manipulation using JavaScript.

Chess App

This is to be my magnum opus of my programming career, a fully functional chess game on DrexelReihl.com! I developed everything here from scratch, and I have plans to incorporate web frameworks for database logic so we could save games and continue later. That, along with some online capabilities to play against friends, etc, but lately it's been hard to balance my time between learning and development.